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We are still in th process of moving all of our adoptable pets to our new webiste. For a complete list of cats available for adoption click here.
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Breed: DSH Black
Age: 10 yrs
Sex: female
About Bette: DSH Black 10 yrs old female, Taken to a Utah County shelter when owner passed away. She is a sweet loving here for more info
Breed: DSH Black Tuxedo
Age: 10 mos
Sex: male
About Binks: Binks, DSH Black Tuxedo. A beautiful and loving ten month old male cat. He is very playful and great with here for more info
Breed: DSH Brown Tabby
Age: 9 mos.
Sex: female
About Jazmina: DSH Brown Tabby female kitty, young adult, 8-9 mos old. She snuggles when you give her attention. She may here for more info
Breed: DSH Brown Tabby
Age: 5 -6 yrs
Sex: female
About Lucky: DSH Brown Tabby female. 5-6 yrs old. Very nice cat. Personality plus! Ok with other cats. Shy of dogs, here for more info
Breed: DSH Red Tabby
Age: 1 yr
Sex: male
About Mel: DSH Red Tabby male. 1 yr old. He is super friendly. Loves attention and petting. Owner was living in a here for more info
Ms Butterworth
Breed: DSH Tortie Point Siamese
Age: 7 yrs
Sex: female
About Ms Butterworth: DSH Tortie Point Siamese 7 yrs old. She lost her home when owners moved. PSF took her into their adoption here for more info
Breed: DSH Red Tabby
Age: 5 yrs
Sex: female
About Olivia: DSH Red Tabby, 5 yrs old.  Is a sweet cat who loves to be pet and cuddled. She doesn't prefer to be picked here for more info
Breed: DSH White/black spots
Age: 3-5 yrs
Sex: female
About Panda:
Panda, DSH White with black spots. She has so much love to give that she wears her heart on her side! here for more info
Breed: DMLH Torbie
Age: 8 yrs
Sex: female
About Persia: Persia, DMLH Torbie femaoe, 8 years old. Owners no longer able to keep. She gets along with other cats here for more info
Breed: DSH Silver tabby
Age: 9 weeks
Sex: male
About Rip: Rip, DSH Male Grey Tabby, see sister Roxie, DSH Black Tuxedo. Sweet adorable kittens. Spayed, Neutered, here for more info
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