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We are still in th process of moving all of our adoptable pets to our new webiste. For a complete list of cats available for adoption click here.
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Breed: DSH Russian Blue
Age: 4 yrs
Sex: female
About Anya: Beautiful, and sweet natured. Ok around other cats. Dogs unknown at this time. A little shy with new here for more info
Breed: DSH Grey Tabby
Age: 8-10 yrs
Sex: male
About Bert: Bert DSH Grey Tabby male, approx 8-10 yrs old. Absolutely the most adorable boy! Bert has a very mild form here for more info
Breed: DSH Black Tuxedo
Age: 5 yrs
Sex: male
About Boots: Boots DSH Black Tuxedo male, 5 yrs old. This adorable boy is so much fun! Boots is very confident he loves here for more info
Breed: DSH Black Tuxedo
Age: 18 months
Sex: male
About Cherio: Cheerio DSH Black Tuxedo female. 18 months. Is an amazing cat who is sure to bring much love and joy to here for more info
Breed: DMLH Red Tabby
Age: 7-8 yrs
Sex: female
About Faleese: Faleese, DLH Red Tabby, approx. 7 yrs old. Good natured and affectionate. Will make a wonderful companion here for more info
Breed: DSH-Black
Age: 8 years
Sex: Male
About Geordi: Geordi is a super sweet cat that needs a special home. He is 100% blind, but he gets around and uses his here for more info
Breed: Lynx Point Siamese
Age: 1 yr +
Sex: female
About Lilah: Beautiful young female lynx point Siamese. 1 yr plus. Very sweet and friendly.
$85.00 Spayed, Current here for more info
Love Bug Charlie
Breed: DLH Red Tabby
Age: 7-9 yrs
Sex: male
About Love Bug Charlie: Love Bug Charlie (LCB) DLH Red Tabby male, 7-9 yrs old. Affectionate, loves to be loved. Gold Medal here for more info
Breed: DSH Black
Age: 1 1 /2 yrs
Sex: male
About Mac: Mac, DSH Black male. 1 yrs old. Very social. Friendly with other cats who accept him. Dogs unknown at here for more info
Breed: DSH Turkish Van
Age: 1-2 yrs old
Sex: male
About Malloy: Malloy DSH Turkish Van, 1-2 yrs old. (one green and one blue eye) Malloy is such a handsome boy who would here for more info
Breed: DSH White/black spots, Turkish Van
Age: 5-7 yrs
Sex: female
About Maye: DSH White with black spots.5-7 yrs old. She is absolutely a doll. This girl is very intelligent, outgoing here for more info
Breed: DMH Brown Tabby
Age: 5 1/2 yrs
Sex: female
About MiMi: Mimi DMLH Beautiful DMLH Brown tabby, 6 years old. Declawed. Tolerates dogs, other cats unknown at this here for more info
Breed: DSH Red Tabby
Age: 7 yrs
Sex: male
About Morris: Morris, DSH Red Tabby male. 7 yrs old. Very social. Friendly with other cats, seeks them out to play. Dogs here for more info
Breed: DSH Black Tuxedo
Age: 5 months
Sex: female
About Nyx: Nyx DSH Black Tuxedo female kitten, 6 months. Very friendly and social. She has a lot of energy and needs here for more info
Oreo Cookie
Breed: DLH Grey and white
Age: 6 1/2 yrs
Sex: male
About Oreo Cookie: Oreo Cookie, DLH White and gray, is the softest cat! He is 6 1/2 years old, neutered and toilet trained! He here for more info
Pretty girl
Breed: Pretty girl
Age: 6 yrs
Sex: female
About Pretty girl: DSH Lynx Point Siamese, 6 yrs old. She is such a sweet little soul. This adorable girl came to us as an here for more info
Princess Blanca
Breed: DSH Black
Age: 11 yrs
Sex: female
About Princess Blanca: Princess Blanca, 11 yr old DSH Black female. Very sweet and friendly. Shy at first meet.
Loves attention/ here for more info
Breed: DLH Tortie
Age: 7-8 yrs
Sex: female
About Remy: Remy, DLH Tortie. 7 to 8-year-old declawed spayed female. Amazing cat with so much love to give! Remy is here for more info
Breed: DSH Snowshoe Siamese
Age: 10 yrs
Sex: male
About Saxie: Saxie. Handsome DSH Snowshoe Siamese, 10-11 years old. This wonderful, loving BIG boy (13 lbs), has a super here for more info
Breed: DSH Torbie
Age: 1 yrs
Sex: female
About Shelly: Hi! Im Shelly! My previous owner and I lived in an assisted living home. Sadly, she passed away and they here for more info
Breed: DSH Siamese mix
Age: 7 yrs
Sex: female
About Snow: "Snow" but she goes by "nono" is about 7 years old. No mean bone in her body, has never growled or hissed. here for more info
Breed: DSH Red tabby
Age: 1-2 yrs
Sex: female
About Tangerine: Tangerine, 1 yrs old. Very sweet cat. Tangerine needs a quiet home with someone who will allow her to be here for more info
The Duke
Breed: DLH Black
Age: 3-5 yrs
Sex: male
About The Duke: The Duke, DLH Black male. 3-5 yrs. old. Soft and friendly, likes belly rubs. Has lots of love to give and here for more info
Thumbelina aka Thumbs
Breed: DSH Grey Tabby
Age: 5 yrs +/-
Sex: female
About Thumbelina aka Thumbs: DMLH Grey Tabby tuxedo female. Polydactyl (cat with an extra digit on each of her front paws) We are unsure here for more info
Tink R Bell
Breed: DLH Lynx point Siamese
Age: 12 yrs
Sex: female
About Tink R Bell: Tink R Bell, Female. Adopted as a kitten, Declawed, and she lived in with a family for 12 years. Then, she here for more info
Breed: n/a
Age: n/a
Sex: n/a
About Tyrion: edit here for more info
Breed: Dilute Tortie
Age: 3 yrs
Sex: female
About Zara: Zara DSH Dilute Tortie Female. 3 yrs old. She is beautiful. Friendly but a little shy at first. She was here for more info
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