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Boris Adopt Boris
DSH Black
3-4 yrs
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Boris is an approximately 3-4 year old, DSH large, all black, male, neutered. His owner since a kitten, moved out of state and left Boris with relatives. As soon as Boris was slowly introduced to the other cats in the household and when it came time to let them more fully interact, he aggressively chased all of cats, focusing on the one(s) that wanted the least to do with him and ran away from him.
Boris is looking for a new home as the only cat. His exacerbated behavior, including a
dominance issue prohibits him from adjusting to the home he currently is in.
His interactions with people, however for the most part, he seems to crave attention and love and is very loving during these times. But it is on his terms. He seems to be better with females than males. He also needs time and space to get to know new people. He will also seek attention, purr, and love the pets that he gets. He will “talk” to you all day, especially when he wants attention. He loves to play with string toys and other toys, he will sleep next to you, and he loves catnip and fish flakes. He will want to sit on you for attention and pets. Its possible overstimulation can sometimes cause him to lash out. He can be a very complicated kitty to read. He is very smart, and can open doors.
It should be noted that in addition to being able to open doors, Boris is really good at running out
of doors and occasionally dashed out of the front door. The current caretaker wants to give Boris a chance that will have a good ending. If you are looking for a challenge, and would like to win this cat over. Please inquire if you can provide a quiet home with no other pets.
Contact: (801) 870-9093
Text (801) 796-2660
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Adopt Boris
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